Get Media Training with Grant Ainsley 

Grant Ainsley has been offering cuztomized media training workshops for over a decade. It's Canada's Best Media Training and he's worked with dozens of organizations and thousands of people. He's so confident he can deliver the media training workshop you want, he offers a money-back guarantee and is the only media trainer In Canada who makes that guarantee.


Grant Ainsley's Media Training Delivers Workshops Customized to You, Your People and Your Organization

Media Training is About Much More Than How to Answer Questions  

Grant Ainsley's media training workshops are not only detailed and thorough, extra effort is made to ensure your organization is ready to handle any situation it finds itself in. Most importantly, each workshop is cuztomied to what you need. We'll be talking about your issues to get your people fully prepared.

How Many People Can Be Trained? 

This is a question people always have when asking about a media training workshop. The simple answer is - as many as you want. Grant normally does workshops with between five and a dozen people and each media training session includes video interviews with participants. You'll receive all the interviews done during the session in less than 24-hours.

How is Media Training Done?

Grant recognizes the reality that many people have fears of speaking to the news media, so he strives to ensure media training participants feel much more confident when they're finished the workshop. Good media training shows people what to do and how to do it, and gives them the confidence they can do it.

What Are Some of the Tactics Taught During the Media Training Workshop?

Once people understand how the news media works, Grant gives them the secrets of dealing with the media.

They include how to stay on message, how to answer difficult questions, ways to use sound bites and bridges effectively, along with other tips.

About Grant

Grant Ainsley spent 15 years in the news media as a radio reporter, anchor and talk show host. He also worked in public relations and then served as CEO of a large Alberta association. He's been doing media training workshops and speaking about the media, social media and communications for over a decade.

As a media personality, public relations professional and CEO, Grant received national awards for his work.

The Honest Spin Doctor

Grant Ainsley is the author of the book The Honest Spin Doctor, one of the few books written in Canada on media relations.

Everyone who participates in one of Grant's customized media training workshops receives an e-copy of the book, along with several other takeaways to round out their media training experience.

Grant brings his media training workshops to you whether you're in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, or anywhere across Canada.

There's More

Each media training package comes with three hours of additional consulting over the following year. Let's say a few weeks after Grant completes a media training workshop, an issue comes up and you need to do media interviews. Grant will work with your people to get them ready - at no additional charge.

There's No Risk With Grant's Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Grant Ainsley is so confident he'll deliver the media training workshop you're after, he offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

He's the only media trainer in Canada who puts this offer in writing. 

He's also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), with a Code of Ethics for its members, to give you additional protection.